After Humane Long Island learned that the Port Jefferson Business Improvement District (BID) planned to hire a New York City horse-drawn carriage operator to force horses to haul passengers at its Port Jeff Ice Festival, we teamed up with our friends at NYCLASS to reach out to local officials and attend Port Jeff’s upcoming trustee meeting, educating officials about the abuses horses endure when forced to pull heavy carriages and how dangerous horse-drawn carriages are on public streets. Following Humane Long Island’s comments at the meeting, Port Jefferson Mayor Lauren Sheprow announced that no horses would be forced to pull carriages at the Festival that weekend!

Humane Long Island is grateful to Mayor Sheprow and the Board of Trustees for making the compassionate choice in removing cruelty from their otherwise spectacular, family-friendly event! We also thank all the advocates who make calls, posted on social media, and attended last night’s board meeting in Port Jefferson. Activism works! 

Humane Long Island and NYCLASS plan to work with Port Jefferson officials to make sure ALL future events NEVER include horse-drawn carraiges or animal cruelty!