YOUR Donations Make A Difference.

One Time Donations

Every dollar you give counts! We are primarily funded through small donations. Every penny donated goes towards feeding animals, paying the bills for our rescue ambulance, and directly rescuing and advocating for animals in our community.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Animal Rescue Donation

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Monthly Donation

Monthly Giving

Regular donations allows us the security of knowing that every month we will have what we need to ensure we can rescue every animal who needs us. If you would like to become a recurring donor donate here.

Thank You To Our Amazing Partners & Sponsors:

Ways to Support

Thank you for your interest in building a more Humane Long Island. We offer multiple ways for you to support animals in our community.


Want to donate items you have on on hand or make a purchase for the rescue?  Here are supplies that we use on a continuing basis:

Pura Vida Works

Cracked Corn


Straw & Bedding

Pura Vida Works

Layer (Poultry) and Waterfowl Feed and Treats

Towels and Blankets

Wish List


The WCE Net Launcher will allow us to more rapidly rescue large and flighted birds to bring them to safety.

In-Kind Donations

 Can you or your business lend a hand? Your business will be featured on our webpage, in social media, and on site.

Foster or adopt a bunny, a chicken or a duck


Social media & marketing


Drive animals to sanctuary or rehab