After the Mexican Folkloric Dance Society tried to bring a rodeo to Manorville, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature and PETA notified the town of Riverhead of the society’s history of violent brawls and inhumane animal acts at rodeos in Coram as well as their subsequent denial in Brookhaven following the town’s contact by LION in 2014. The Riverhead Town Clerk replied that the town was denying the rodeo’s initial permit and would let us know if they reapplied. No further application was issued.

Rodeos take tame animals and terrorize and provoke them into behavior that makes them temporarily appear to be fierce and aggressive by using electric prods, bucking straps, and spurs—all of which burn, wound, and/or dig into the animals’ skin and sensitive tissue. These weapons cause such serious injuries, pain, and suffering, that the town of Southampton banned them over a decade ago.